Mar 17

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Dust Bowl Run

This week was a stabilizer week, before another bump up in mileage in the coming week. So, today’s long run was only 5.5mi, with some focused heart-rate targets as a main set.

What I thought would be a relaxing run on a sunny and warm afternoon turned into my own little adventure race. It could have been called the “Dusty Buddy” or something.


With 20mph sustained winds, 45mph gusts, and open spaces during one of the driest winters we’ve had in a while, I soon found myself running through a dust-storm. Even when the wind was at my back, it was sand-blasting my calves, and bouncing inside my sunglasses.

Tips for training in windy conditions.

As a headwind, it forced me to lean pretty far forward, and even leap over a couple of tumbleweeds that seemed to be guided by runner-seeking sensors.

As a sidewind, my posture was all over the place, leaning into the wind sideways to counterbalance, until the gust suddenly stopped, sending me lurching sideways like I had enjoyed too much green beer before my run.

Video: How to run in windy conditions.

Nonetheless, any run is a good run in my book, and I’m glad to get out there!

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