Dec 05

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The Post-Race Funk

No, it’s not a dance. Well, it’s a dance in my head maybe. It’s back-and-forth between what I want, what I know I should do to accomplish it, and what I’m actually doing instead. By that, I mean: not running.

It’s been nearly 3-months since the Salmon Marathon, and I’ve gotten myself out the door for a grand total of three runs. I wish I could say I just needed a break and I’m taking one, but that’s not true. I’ve just been a slug. I truly feel like I need to get back into the groove of regular training again, but just haven’t.

I know, I know…sense of purpose. A goal. A target. Short-term. In other words, register for my next race. What’s in the way? Credit card debt? Christmas shopping? Lingering anger over my last race? Fear?

There it is. Fear. Fear of failure, my old nemesis. OK, I’ve named it. Here goes…race registration will be complete by this weekend! Now, the research begins…

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