Sep 07

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Gratitude to family

The ways my family supports me are countless. Bethany constantly helps to encourage me to stick with my training plan, even when I’m tempted to do otherwise. In fact, I wouldn’t even have this training plan and coach if it weren’t for Bethany. She was the mastermind behind organizing and galvanizing family and friends to go-in together as a group gift. She researched coaches, and was the perfect matchmaker…landing me with Craig Howie and the Howie Endurance Project team. Yesterday, she even brought me lunch at work, along with some electrolyte drinks and snacks to keep me fueling throughout the day. Her faith in me helps me keep my faith in myself, and her patience with our kids is always there when mine has run out.

Speaking of my kids, Garrett has become a welcome training partner on his bike, going as long as 10-miles with me, and offering 7-year-old words of encouragement along the way, such as, “Daddy, I can tell you are getting stronger because your muscles are wiggling when you run.” I’m pretty sure he meant that as a compliment. Gillian is quick to ask me, “how was your run Daddy?” when I come back home after those early-morning Sunday long runs. She also likes to be out in the backyard with me while I jump rope immediately after my runs, saying, “Daddy, you’re really good at that!”.

My parents, brothers, and their families are also great supports, often commenting on my blog posts or Facebook updates with interest and encouragement. Always asking how the training is going, and making sure they know when the next race is. Also, I wouldn’t have a coach if it weren’t for their willingness to contribute to Bethany’s idea for a group gift on my 40th birthday. I’ve had my family as training partners too, whether it’s my 70-years-young father on his bike with me for 19 miles, or my bro Scott joining me for intervals, or my bro Ryan running along with me in the rain for a stretch, holding an umbrella for some temporary relief and lightheartedness (in the NJ Marathon!). My older bro Ron always asks about my running and seems proud when he shares his conversations about me with his friends.

My in-laws (parents and brothers and sisters) have also been important supports, whether it’s through running-related gifts, traveling in their RV and tolerating my early morning runs, and even coming to pick me up years ago when I totally bonked during a long run on vacation with them in the Outer Banks.

So, my PuggerRunner family, this PR tomorrow is for you, with lots of love and immense gratitude!

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