Aug 30

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A fabulous night for a moon-run

Feeling discouraged about this nagging Achilles issue, and having skipped my last run to let it rest, I impulsively went out for a run at 9pm tonight with no expectations. I just had to know how it would feel, and I was prepared to stop right away if I felt any discomfort. Boy, was I surprised.

I don’t know if it was the full moon casting my shadow on the trail, the dinner of banana pancakes with fresh strawberry-rhubarb (from Lucile’s, a favorite restaurant), the high of students having “a-ha” moments in my class today, or getting my kids to bed without whining and power struggles…but it was something.

Maybe it’s the first sign that my pre-race taper phase is doing what it’s supposed to do. I thought I’d maybe do two or three easy miles, but I ended up covering about 7 miles in a hour, and was more loose and relaxed than I’ve been in a long time. I wasn’t checking my watch, or aiming for heart-rate targets, or thinking about the intervals sequence for a specific workout. I just went out for a run…and ran.

It was just the confidence-builder I needed, with the Salmon Marathon just 9 days away.

I even smelled some campfire smoke, which I’m hoping will be an effective, albeit unintentional, mental anchor. It should remind me how I felt tonight, when I’m running in the smoke of the wildfires burning in Idaho next weekend. Here’s hoping that smell triggers the relaxation I felt tonight!

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