Jul 11

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Training into target race pace

This morning’s scheduled marathon training was a 10-mile tempo run. I headed out at 6:30am, and it was still cool (about 55). Last night, I cleaned up a couple of playlists, and organized them by beats-per-minute, to include a playlist at 90bpm, since the 92bpm list felt a touch too constrained in terms of form. Maybe I can work towards that.

After a couple warm-up miles, I started my main set of 5-miles at zone 4 heart-rate. With the new cadence set by my music, I was right around 7:20/mile pace. This is the first sustained training mileage I’ve been able to hold my targeted race pace (Salmon Marathon finish goal of 3:15 means target pace is around 7:25/mile).

With those fast miles in the middle, I covered a 10k (6.2mi) stretch in 48-minutes! It’s been many years since I could do that! I could barely contain my excitement, except that I was relieved that the fast section of my run was finished. I was really feeling it in my legs by mile 5 (which was uphill too).

Photo credit: shutterbean.com

I finished the 10-miles in 1:30, and jumped rope for 4:35, as prescribed by Coach Craig. Then, after my go-to post-run recovery drink of chocolate milk, I stretched out using the foam roller on my IT-bands, hips, and glutes. I was as tight as an arctic piano-string.

So, here I am, officially in target race-pace land…and it’s a nice place!

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