Jul 18

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Road-trip running

While traveling across the country in my in-laws’ RV, I wasn’t about to skip out on my scheduled marathon training runs. It just meant getting up really early to get it done before it was time for us to leave the campground and hit the road again. So, yesterday I was up at 5am to sneak out onto the farmland roads of Montgomery City, MO.

The run was a 6-mile over distance workout, containing 12x100m intervals, with full walk recoveries in between. This was also my first run in new shoes, which felt light and fast.

It was hot and humid, even at 5am! It was 78-degrees at the start of my run, out of the campground and onto a road that became a frontage road paralleling I-70 near exit 170.

The sun rose at the horizon line of the road, and illuminated my path ahead in red.

The exit sign was my interval turnaround point.[/caption]The farmland was awash in a sepia glow. If it weren’t for the noise of the nearby interstate, it would have been downright serene.


The run was high quality, and I pushed hard, enjoying the extra oxygen at this elevation. My intervals were done at around 4:30/mi pace, and after the intervals, I put in a solid mile and a half at 6:45/mi pace for the whole way. During slight downhill part, I felt a twinge of re-aggravation in my right Achilles and eased up for the last half-mile.

It was quite sore when I finished, and I iced and elevated it throughout the day on the road, except for a pretty cool tourist stop to explore the St. Louis Arch with my family.


Hopefully it will be good-to-go for my next run, an eleven-mile tempo run on Thursday. I may end up waiting until Friday, since we’ll just be arriving on Thursday night. A bit of extra rest for it will be good too!

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