Jul 08

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Marathon Training: Running Form Analysis

Interested in seeing a professional running form analysis? Check out this video with voice-over from my coach, Craig Howie of the Howie Endurance Project. He expertly analyzed my form using video he recorded during a cadence training at the track. Kevin Pugh Video (with voice over)

Having never really seen myself run, it was interesting to compare my form to exemplary form (the “perfect running form” of Ironman Mirinda Carfrae), and have him point out and explain the differences. He covered six main points in detail: contact line, power arc, maximum hip angle, foot-swing, stride-travel, and flexible hips.

The takeaway points for my improvement clearly are related to my tight hips. Looks like it’s time for some more runner-yoga, and lots of hip-openers!

He also determined that my “most efficient” cadence is around 92 beats-per-minute (bpm). So, I’ve started to use a playlist of 92bpm songs to practice that faster cadence and leg-turnover. It doesn’t feel quite comfortable yet, but I can see my speed increase significantly, with only a minor increase in heart-rate.

Got any good 92bpm songs to recommend? If you’re looking for some, I found a nice resource online here.

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