Jul 07

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15.5 mile training run after a week off

Photo Credit: http://boulderbuyer101.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/coal-creek-trail-expansion/

This morning, I tackled a 15.5-mile training run after a week of rest for a strained Achilles tendon. I noticed the pain after mowing my lawn last week, although I don’t remember anything traumatic happening. At my coach’s advice, I skipped the two mid-week workouts on my marathon training schedule, and iced my leg periodically. I also tried to stay off it as much as possible (which really isn’t much with a four-year-old and an almost seven-year-old).

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The training run this morning was a decent one, finished in about 2:30. It included six mile-repeats at a high zone 3 heart rate (with a 3 minute recovery jog in between), as well as an additional couple miles at a low zone 3. The trail is quite hilly in some areas, and it was definitely messing with my heart rate and cadence. I think I’ll be thankful on race day that I did so much hill running.

The Coal Creek trail was also damp and soft from two days of much-needed intermittent rain, but not so soft to be squishy. I was surprised that the water level in the creek wasn’t higher. In fact, several sections were completely dry. Colorado is so dry right now, that any moisture we get is either quickly soaked up, or it runs off as a flash flood. It was great to get some rain, especially for the wildfire areas. I just hope it doesn’t all come too fast for the burn areas, which now have nothing to hold the water. Some areas have already been dealing with some nasty runoff and Boulder Creek was in a flash flood warning yesterday.

My Achilles felt fine for almost all of the run, except for miles 11-13, when I was aware of some mild pain, but it subsided and disappeared for the last few miles. I hope I didn’t re-aggravate it today. I’ll be icing it and trying to keep it elevated as much as possible today and tomorrow.

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