Jul 10

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10k interval workout – solid!

Last night’s scheduled workout on the road to the Boston Marathon was a 10k with a main set of 12x100m intervals, two-minute recoveries in between. After a couple sub-9 miles to warm up, I hit the accelerations feeling strong as I was treated to a gorgeous sunset over the mountains.

Most of those intervals were done around 4:30-min/mile pace, and felt smooth. I really focused on my form, based on the recent video-analysis from Coach Craig. Specifically, I was really mindful of letting my hips go, and getting a bit more forward lean with my chest and hips. It felt surprisingly comfortable, but the faster pace is easier to get maximum hip angle anyway. I wonder what it actually looked like.

Overall, including the twelve 2-minute recovery intervals, I finished the 10k in 58-minutes, with a moderate overall perceived exertion rate (avg. HR was around 155).

More hay in the barn!

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