Jun 19

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Sunrise speed


This morning was a nice return to morning running! It’s been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed the peaceful Colorado mornings for a weekday run. For several months, my weekday runs have been after-work or late-night chores…a far cry from the morning running ritual I had established a while back.

So, this morning felt great, and I was rewarded with a cartoonishly-huge ball of fire slowly emerging from the horizon’s grip. It gradually blasted everything in sight with a vintage sepia tone thanks to the smoky haze still hanging around from the High Park fire.

The run was solid, a short 4.75-miler with ten 100m repeats at zone 5 heart rate. I was hitting 5 or sub-5 pace on each of them and feeling good! Before and after that main set, I was hovering around 8-min/mile pace with my heart rate still in zone 2! That’s some noticeable improvement for me.

Now that my workday is done, I’m also looking back and seeing that I got a TON of things done in my office today. It’s a good reminder to me of how less driven and less energized I’ve been without those morning runs to start my day. This is a habit I must re-establish!

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