Jun 18

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Father’s Day run

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, especially to mine! I still remember running with my dad back in middle-school and high-school. I was prepping for soccer season, and he was prepping for refereeing and coaching.

After a lazy morning with extra hugs from my kids, and a good breakfast, I finally made my way out the door around 10am for what should have been a relaxed 9-miler. Unfortunately, it was already 91-degrees, and the air was still and dry. My run quickly turned into a hot slog, and my mouth felt like the Sahara.

My out-and-back run was mostly downhill the first half, which made for some smooth running as I practiced the higher cadence my coach wants me to use. My heart rate was right where it needed to be as I cruised at around an 8-min/mile pace. Coming back, however, was a different story.

Going uphill, in the heat, with a dry mouth and a sudden blood sugar drop, I bonked. Plodding along at a 12-min/mile pace, my HR was well into zone 4. I was surprised, and I took a walk break for a minute, but my HR didn’t really come down much. It was a struggle for about three miles or so.

It’s going to be hot this whole week, so It’ll be a good opportunity to fine-tune my hydration and nutrition, not to mention rest. Tuesday’s workout will be intense, and I’m thinking I should get up super-early and do it before it heats up!

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