Jun 22

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Fans full of hot air


Did you ever feel like the people cheering you on during a marathon were full of hot air? This morning, that was actually true for me. While doing an early morning tempo workout at Niwot High School track, a couple hot air balloons floated overhead.

One was close enough that I could hear cheering from it, saying, “go! go!” Shortly after I finished, it landed nearby, and I snapped this picture with my iPhone on my way from the track to work.

The workout was solid, and challenging. After a couple miles to warmup, I did two 1000m repeats at race pace, and 6 intervals of 200m going about 5min/mile pace. I was toast by the last interval. Here’s hoping these get easier!

[Reminds me of one of my old posts: Hot-Air Balloon Chase, or 3-Balloon Run]

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