Aug 30

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Back to School, Where’d Summer Go?

Hard to believe it’s been so long since my last post here. My first “summer off” since starting my new job has been a blur. However, it’s been a marvelous, rewarding, and full summer blur. Unfortunately, it wasn’t full of much running. I’ve been sporadic at best, with a pattern of several days off punctuated by some really great runs, and followed up by weeks of non-running, before wrestling myself back into it. Thoughts of a marathon this October or November seem a bit more risky now, especially as I sit here with a huge bag of ice on my left quad thanks to a soccer injury.

Soccer has been fun lately, as I’ve joined an adult league team in Boulder as a free-agent. Those of you who know me might be surprised to hear that I’m not playing keeper, but an attacking midfield role instead. I see it as a return to my soccer roots, since I didn’t play goalkeeper until late in high-school and then into college. It has been fun to bring my understanding and love of the game back onto the field, and to learn that I’m still able to contribute and be creative. Still, being out of “soccer-shape” means that my vision and my brain are not exactly being backed up with real-life execution on the field. My first touch on the ball has been downright embarrassing, although I’ve compensated fairly well with a couple of goals and assists sprinkled across our first three games.

It’s funny…playing soccer again definitely makes me want to regain my soccer-ability…but it makes me want to get back into running consistently again even more. So…we’ll see where that takes me, but now I’ve put it out there for all to hear: the goal is to get out the door at least a couple times a week throughout September, with some short and mid-distance (5-10 mile) runs, and then see where that puts me.

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