Jun 02

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School’s out, running’s fine, bugs are annoying

Tonight’s 5-miler was a good one, finished in 46-minutes for just over a 9min/mile average pace. I was treated to a stunning sunset over the Indian Peaks, viewed across a lush green panoramic open space area for much of the run. Then, I followed it by 35-minutes of yoga, really working my core and hip flexors. However, the run tonight was marked by one very new (and very gross) experience. I inhaled a bug.

Now, that by itself is not new. I’ve inhaled bugs before, spit them out, and moved on. Tonight however, I was treated to a big fat bug of some kind, and it took aim on my epiglottis! You know, the little hanging “punching bag” thingy in the back of your throat?…that thingy that, when touched, can initiate an all-systems-reverse gag-reflex?…yeah, that one. To make matters worse, this bug had the precision of a U.S. guided missile. And, when I say precision, I mean it just simply nailed its target…hard…then stuck there, seemingly hanging on for life.

My first reaction was a combined cough/gag/spit with a loud “gahrgh!” followed by some expletives. That was all shortly followed by my dinner spread across the trail. And that, in turn, was followed by a solid mile’s worth of gagging, coughing, spitting, and several near encounters with more of my dinner. I just couldn’t shake this thing outta my throat. It was disgusting. And yes, I kept running through all this; I was NOT going to let this stupid (yet precise) bug ruin my run on a great trail, along a perfect meadow, backed by snow-capped peaks, anchoring a breathtaking sunset. So, eventually, I induced my own state of temporary amnesia, and moved on. Yet, now that I’m home, and writing about it, I can’t say the sensation is totally gone yet. Blech.

This is the first week of “summer” since our students finished up last week, and the pace has changed significantly. I’m sorta thinking about making my commute to work a running commute. It would be just over 9-miles each way. There’s a staff bathroom (with shower) right around the corner from my office. There’s also a kitchen where I could get some post-run replenishment. Of course, I’d have to run with a backpack to have some clothes ‘n all when I got there. That would be a new thing I’d have to get used to. But, it might be worth trying during June, when my schedule (and my dress code) is flexible.

So, do they make “bug-deflectors” for runners?

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