Apr 25

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Itching to Go!

This morning was my first training run aimed for my next marathon: Missoula Marathon on July 11th. Although I haven’t taken the all-important step of registering for it (yet), simply to have it in my mind made a difference. With the sun out, warming things up, after several days of Spring storms (LOTS of rain, wind, even snow), I was itching to go. Literally.

This was a new phenomenon for me. My legs actually felt itchy. Weird. Anyway, it was a good run to begin the focused build-up to Missoula. I’ve got 11 weeks, and I need to be focused on quality, not quantity, because I haven’t been running consistently at all. My last marathon was almost a year ago now (New Jersey in May 2009).

Today’s run was a conservative 10k on the trails and around Erie Lake. A long warm-up and long cool-down bookended the 10-min-mile pacing with brief walk-breaks at each mile split. As usual, it wasn’t until around 4-miles that I felt like I was “in the groove”. Until then, my chest, shoulders, and neck were noticeably tight, and I kept focusing on relaxing. It’s as if my body knows when I hit that 4-mile mark, and everything settles in.

Now, off to Waneka Lake with my kiddos to play and ride bikes!

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