Nov 09

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Fresh snow, fresh start

Yeah, it’s been a while since my last post. It happens I guess…but I’m back to give a quick update. There have been several times I’ve thought about writing a new post, and had even started writing on a few occasions, but just felt like I was filling space, so I stopped.

But this morning I made it out the door again, re-claimed my mornings, and thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and sunrise, with a blanket of fresh snow on the peaks. Just a quick and relaxed 3-miler, and a good start to some kind of training. I don’t have a “finished” plan created for my next training cycle. I don’t have any races I’m registered for. I even had to search a bit to find my running stuff this morning. But, I made it out the door nonetheless.

No amazing wildlife or meaningful paw-prints on the trail this morning. Just me, a couple bunnies, and my Phiddipidations Podcast. I forgot how much I enjoyed this podcast while running. You should check it out if you haven’t yet. You can find it on iTunes. Be warned, Steve Runner, the host, is proud of his geekishness…which makes for a quirky, entertaining, and even informative running podcast.

What was most surprising to me this morning, however, was how quickly and powerfully I remembered Veya, and missed her terribly. It has been 4 months now since she died. My tears came back surprisingly quickly, within the first 5 minutes of my run. It’s amazing how much a part of my running she is…and will always be, I guess.

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