Oct 05

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A spin with Charlie

It’s 11:48pm, I just got home from Sterling, after meeting up with Charlie Engle about 20-miles west of there. I’m glad I thought to bring my bike, even though I had set out to run with Marshall. I never did find Marshall, and his “dot” on the tracking map had not moved in several hours from the hospital in Sterling. Thinking that he had an injury and had decided to drive west to meet Charlie, I headed that way myself. I’ll write more tomorrow, but I’m happy to report that I found Charlie and his amazing crew of Chuck, Jen, and Dave (who graciously took my car keys and drove my car, so I wouldn’t have to go all the way back to get it), and I got a “taste” of Running America by biking with Charlie on his way in to Sterling. He’s a warm and genuine guy, who is clearly in his element…despite not running because of his still-very-swollen ankle. It’s still about the adventure and the forward progress for him. I get it…when he asked if I wanted to stay at the hotel with them, or in the RV for a nap, before heading out again in the morning…I admit that my heart wanted to accept his invitation. It was my brain that said no. We parted ways with him reminding me that he was already planning a 2nd attempt next year, and he hoped I’d be in on it again. To that…I certainly said, “yes!”.

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