Aug 07

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The hardest decision

Our sweet Veya (2000-2008)

Veya, 2000-2008

Our sweet Veya, my faithful running partner and friend, is gone. After being diagnosed with IMHA on Monday, she went downhill quickly. Yesterday afternoon about 12:45pm, she slipped into a state of labored breathing, and couldn’t walk, stand, or even lift her head. I carried her to my car and rushed to our Vet’s office, less than a mile away. The vet confirmed what I feared, her lungs and abdomen were filling with fluid. Veya was fighting for every breath, and when she looked in my eyes, I could tell she was terrified, almost pleading for help. From the exam table, while the Vet was getting a quick blood count to see if her red-blood cells had improved at all (they hadn’t), Veya turned her head slightly and just kept eye contact with me.

Sadly, there was nothing else that could be done. Even a blood transfusion, if we could even get her to a hospital quickly enough, had only about a 10% chance of just buying us some time. She still would have had to deal with the disease, which wasn’t responding at all to the drug therapy. Once my wife arrived, we said our goodbyes, and gently laid her on a blanket on the floor. We laid down with her, held her and pet her as she was euthanized. She quickly relaxed, and calmly slipped away. Veya died at 1:45pm. We just sat in the room with her, stunned, devastated, and heartbroken.

I don’t think I can manage to write much more today. It’s so hard just being in our house without her here. And our 3-year-old son, Garrett, was quick to ask, “Where’s Veya? Did you go for a run?” when he woke up this morning. Her fur is still everywhere, and I can’t bear to turn on the vacuum yet. It all happened so quickly, and we’re glad to be leaving our house for a few weeks to visit family back-east. Coming home, on the other hand, is going to be excruciating, without her to welcome us home.

One more thing…while I was waiting for Bethany to arrive, I promised Veya that I’d finish what we started together: this 50-states marathoning thing. It almost seemed like she was asking me not to stop, and I assured her that I would finish it for her.

We love you Veya. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. We miss you terribly.

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