Aug 10

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Sunday run – week 4

  • Start time: 7:15am
  • Temp: 58
  • Distance: 9.05 miles
  • Total Time: 1:34
  • Overall Avg. Pace: 10:34/mi*
  • Miles this week so-far: 9.05
  • 2008 miles to-date: 604.55

There are no words to describe what my first run was like since Veya died. It was an emotional and painful run. I didn’t run at all this week, but was motivated to get out the door this morning by my promise to Veya.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law, Suzanne, joined me for the last 4 miles of my run, which helped to keep my mind off Veya a bit. It was nice to run with her before she heads off to Italy with my brother and their son, Carter.

We’re in So. Jersey visiting family, and I was a little stunned with how difficult it was to LEAVE our house without Veya there. For 3 days, all I wanted to do was get OUT of our house, but it hurt just the same to leave, and not have her there to see us off like she always has.

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